The overnight bus to Yangshou

This is just a 10 second clip of a 12 hour "sleeper" bus trip we picked up in Shenzhen, right over the Hong Kong boarder, to Yangzhou. This is about an hour and half before we arrived... do I need to say more?

Sleep tight! No really - it's really a tight fit in this bed on the "sleeper bus"! My knees are at my forehead!
I need to do more yoga if we plan to keep traveling this way!

"When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not." - Mark Twain
I would have sworn to you the picture on the left is where, in 1990,
I took the picture on the right - on Moon Hill.
Not so- apparently - unless they moved the mountains around!

We cruised down the Li river on our bamboo raft . . . look out for that wall!

Then we had dinner in town at a local place -
where Anthony partook in the delicacy of spicy snail-noodles.

We decided to give it a go - these cooking lessons, which left Anthony and Bill *go*ing to the loo.
Mrs. Perkins opted for the vegetarian menu items only
and therefore got to practice her nursing skills on the boys instead.

Want fries with that...

Hmm - another tablespoon of MSG won't hurt!

Get me that chicken!

We also shopped the crazy West Street!

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