Hello Chairman Mao!

After a quick five hour flight (hey that seems fast after the 14 hour one) we arrived in China.
Guangzhou, also known to the Western world as Canton is where we pick up our translator, aka - Anthony Zueck - Bill's cousin, Dave's eldest son who had been studying Chinese in Kunming. We had a blast teaching him the Bill School of Travel - no eating - no drinking - or arguing about what we are going to do next (just kidding!). Anthony was a real sport and we had an absolute blast seeing the sites with him.

Guangzhou is very industrial, their American sister city is Los Angeles. The Statue of the Five Rams, in Yuexiu Park holds a many memories for me. The Ram or goat is my Chinese zodiac. The legend goes that the city of Guangzhou was visited by the 5 immortals who rode on the backs of 5 rams who held rice grains. That rice was then given to the city so that the people would never have famine.
When the immortals left the five goats turned to stone.

In 1990, I think we were the only people in the park that day. A young man took us around the city on our bikes for a few bucks.There is a shred of blue sky in the background.
In 2008, there are throngs of Chinese tourists, we took a subway to get there and we past an Ikea store on our way to the park. Did I mention there are 9 Starbucks in the city? As for blue skies in 2008, the child in the first photograph mostly likely has never seen a blue sky in her life.

"V" is for Victory! Some things don't change...

The edge of the Qingping Market was across the street from our hotel on Shamian Island and it's known for it's display of exotic items used in Chinese medicine.

Close up from above left: dried sea horses

Close up from below right - dried snakes

The bun guy...fresh for you! Special price... And navigating the subway...

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