shopping, and flames on the run?
Must be Hong Kong!

We took a fabulous commuter train into Hong Kong from Guangzhou. The highlight for me in this insanely busy city was a visit to the Tian Tan Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. For Bill, I think it was the Wanchai Computer Center and for Anthony it may have been the dim sum at City Hall's Maxim's Palace.
We all were surprised and excited to see the Olympic flame blaze through town (well we didn't really see it so much as stood in the chaos of it passing us by).

Get your quads ready
for enlightenment - up to the top!

Come on Bec -
this is nothing compared to the Great Wall!

The tram is cool! This is looking back at the Buddha from the tram and the next picture is crossing down to the other side of the island past the Hong Kong airport.

Our photographer (Bill) forgot to get in the NAME
on the star - that would be Jackie Chan.

The laser light show - err "wow"...
we've been a little spoiled by Disney.

Geekman is frozen still. His side kick,
DVDboy looks on. They are overcome by the deals.
Our heroes are relentlessly pursued by
Nerdguy (in the background) at the
Wanchai Computer Center

Think the Tian Tan Buddha would have a
problem with me buying this
pirated Buddha Grooves CD?

Meow, meow purses...

or Mao, Mao pins...everything is on sale in
Hong Kong's Cat Street

Use this box to periscope over everyone to see 
the two and half second flash of the Olympic Torch

Go China - Olympic spirit is high in Hong Kong!

MMM- bbq pork buns - grab that lady with the cart!
We need another please!

This chopstick thing is really simple ...

Ok if you've made it this far and you plan to keep going I'll just say that we did lots of other stuff too - like riding the cable cars up to Victoria Peak and visiting the Hong Kong History museum but I figured you've got to be getting tired by now so we must keep moving (before the boss catches you)...

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